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Pocket Field Recs
  • Pocket Field Recs is a data collection package for collecting field data such as, boundaries, tile lines, weeds, soil sample points etc.
  • It also displays background data for navigation in the field for zone soil sampling, etc.
  • Interfaces with Desktop Field Recs for data management and storage.
Pocket Variable Rate Controller
  • Pocket Variable Rate Controller is a package for the Pocket PC that does variable rate application using an image base map.
  • Using an image as the base for a prescription provides for extremely accurate application since each 10-15 foot square in the field can have its own application rate.
  • Currently supports Raven, Rawson, Hiniker, and a switchbox output for controlling a wide range of "Off-On" applications.
  • Also interfaces with Desktop Field Recs for data management and storage, and map creation.


Truck Crop Yield Monitor
  • This product is a joint venture between KB Manufacturing of Fisher, MN, and GK Technology of Halstad, MN.   KB Manufacturing provide the Load Cells and hardware for a Truck Weight monitoring system. 
  • GK Technology adds the GPS, Handheld or Laptop Computer and Software to make a complete Yield Monitoring System. It has been tested for the last three harvest seasons.
  • Track loads from scale tickets and quality results back to the location in the field where they were harvested.