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Pocket Field Recs is a data collection package for collecting field data such as, boundaries, tile lines, weeds, soil sample points etc.  It also displays background data for navigation in the field for zone soil sampling, etc.

  • Data is organized by Grower and Field.
  • Under each field is a directory for holding data.
  •  The directory can hold any type of file, but only SHP files, BMP files, and JPG files are currently supported for display.
  • Folders can also be created for further storing data of different categories.








  • Along with collecting and displaying new data. Existing data can also be displayed on screen.

  • To the left you see soil type polygons overlaid on a satellite image.

  • Existing data can added into the field directory by drag and drop through Windows Explorer.





Key Benefits

  • Collects and Stores data on the Pocket PC in industry standard formats, no external conversion utilities are needed.
  • Easily integrates Image and Vector Layers, on the display. Supported image formats at this time are JPG and BMP.
  • Drawings are all in ESRI SHP format.
  • Organizes data into a neat structure by Grower and Field. Since the data is in industry standard formats this data is easily used by other GIS applications.



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