AgLeader Mapping

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  • Large 10.4-inch display for better readability and easier touch screen selections.
  • Sunlight-readable screen features one-touch adjustable backlighting for easier viewing day or night.
  • Industry-standard CAN-bus interface for better expandability and compatibility.
  • Modeless Operation means no keycard is required to access applications.
  • A rugged sealed enclosure keeps out the dust and elements and protects the unit when moving from one piece of equipment to the next.
  • Uses same mounting bracket as PFAdvantage. RAM™ mount available for tractors and sprayers.
  • Direct access keys give you one-touch access to home, setup, summary/report and run screens.
  • Command popular controllers, including Mid-Tech®, Raven, Rawson and others.
  • Data integrity is ensured in all operating conditions.
  • Large internal memory allows storage of color maps.
  • Unit is compatible with most NMEA GPS receivers.
  • Adjustable volume control.

  • High Accuracy, low profile antenna
  • Proven, high quality GPS & guidance technology
  • Free, accurate WAAS differential
  • Guidance even without differential
  • Hands-free operation for all patterns (including contour and spiral patters)
  • Area Calculation on the first pass around the field
  • Headlands feature for indicating end rows and edges of fields
  • On-screen map of guidance passes
  • Easier guidance by using a combination of the lightbar and on-screen map (especially on contours)
  • Optional remote control with audible alarm that indicates when you are in a headland or are offline by too large a distance
  • Pause/Resume feature
  • Fully expandable for future needs, including automated steering and mapping
  • Upgradeable to add EZ-Steer to over 360 different platforms.

  • EZ-Steer® Allows You to Work Smarter, not Harder
  • Simple and Affordable
  • NEW! T2™ Terrain Compensation Technology

  • On-Screen Mapping in all modes
  • Soil sampling - grid and record samples after driving boundaries
  • Navigation - return to predefined locations
  • Field marking capability with user-definable marks
  • Organization of data by field, grain, and load for easy identification
  • On-screen mapping for field coverage, marking, and navigation
  • Customizable screen layout of four on-the-go values
  • Automatic memory backup for data security
  • Upgradeable through serial port or memory card

  • All-in Antenna Design
  • Compact, Rugged Housing
  • Integrated Magnet Mount
  • WAAS Differential Correction
  • NMEA Message Ouput
  • No Setup Required for Ag Leader Displays
  • Superior Weak Signal Tracking
  • 4 Hz output rate compatible with the Direct Command system

  • Completely self-contained in a tough plastic housing
  • 12-channel DGPS receiver
  • Positioning based on high performance GPS engine design
  • Internal L-band satellite differential receiver
  • Worldwide operation with both Omnistar or Racal subscription
  • External RTCM correction input
  • Sub-meter differential accuracy
  • Two programmable RS-232 serial ports
  • CAN bus J1939 compatible
  • 1-PPS output
  • Outputs GPS position in either NMEA or TSIP data messages
  • Configuration software
  • Magnetic mount
  • Remote Display Interface (RDI) software for Windows 95/98
  • WAAS compatible
  • PFadvantage, PF3000, and PF3000 Pro compatible